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Many real-world problems can be seen as constrained nonlinear optimization problems (CNOP). These problems are relevant because they frequently appear in many industry and science fields, promoting, in the last decades, the design and development of many algorithms for solving CNOP. In this paper, seven hybrids techniques, based on particle swarm(More)
An important number of publications deal with the computational efficiency of a novel Evolutionary Algorithm called Differential Evolution (DE). However, there is still a noticeable lack of studies on DE's performance on engineering problems, which combine large-size instances, constraint-handling and mixed-integer variables issues. This paper proposes the(More)
The need for efficient and effective optimization problem solving methods arouses nowadays the design and development of new heuristic algorithms. This paper present ideas that leads to a novel multiagent metaheuristic technique based on creative social systems suported on music composition concepts. This technique, called “Musical Composition Method”(More)
This study addresses the solution of Jobshop Scheduling Problems using Differential Evolution (DE). The issue of representing permutations through real numbers constitutes the key issue for developing an efficient implementation. Several techniques are empirically validated on problem instances traditionally adopted in the specialized literature. We also(More)
an optimization algorithm inspired by musical composition in constrained optimization problems un algoritmo de optimizací on inspirado en composicí on musical para el problema de optimizací on con restricciones Abstract Many real-world problems can be expressed as an instance of the constrained nonlinear optimization problem (CNOP). This problem has a set(More)