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OpenTapioca: Lightweight Entity Linking for Wikidata
We propose a simple Named Entity Linking system that can be trained from Wikidata only. This demonstrates the strengths and weaknesses of this data source for this task and provides an easilyExpand
Autonomization of Monoidal Categories
It is shown that contrary to common belief in the DisCoCat community, a monoidal category is all that is needed to define a categorical compositional model of natural language, and the applications of this principle to various distributional models of meaning are illustrated. Expand
A survey of OpenRefine reconciliation services
Improvements to the specifications of the OpenRefine reconciliation API are suggested, which could improve user workflows by giving more control over the scoring mechanism to the client. Expand
Normalization for planar string diagrams and a quadratic equivalence algorithm
It is shown that left- and right-handed exchanges each give strongly normalizing rewrite strategies for connected string diagrams, which gives a linear-time solution to the equivalence problem in the connected case, and a quadratic solution in the general case. Expand
From Natural Language to RDF Graphs with Pregroups
This work defines an algorithm translating natural language sentences to the formal syntax of RDF, an existential conjunctive logic widely used on the Semantic Web, and establishes a one-to-one correspondence between extensional models and RDF models such that satisfaction is preserved. Expand
Sheet diagrams for bimonoidal categories
Bimonoidal categories (also known as rig categories) are categories with two monoidal structures, one of which distributes over the other. We formally define sheet diagrams, a graphical calculus forExpand
Normal forms for planar connected string diagrams
This work shows that for connected diagrams the left- and right-handed exchanges each give strongly normalizing rewrite strategies, and gives an algorithm to directly construct the normal form, and hence determine isotopy, in O(n \cdot m) time, where $m$ is the number of edges. Expand
The word problem for double categories
It is shown that although double categories are formally more general than 2-categories, they are not actually more expressive, explaining the rarity of applications of this notion. Expand
Running a Reconciliation Service for Wikidata
A reconciliation service for Wikidata is presented, implementing a standard API that is supported by other data providers and consumed by multiple clients. Expand
Openrefine/Openrefine: Openrefine V2.7 Release Candidate 2
This is the 2nd beta release of OpenRefine 2.7. Please backup your workspace directory before installing and report any problems that you encounter. New features: Upgrade the Jython library to 2.7