Antonija Mitrovic

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The paper presents SQLT-Web, a Web-enabled intelligent tutoring system for the SQL database language. SQLT-Web is a Web-enabled version of an earlier, standalone ITS. In this paper we describe how the components of the standalone system were reused to develop the Web-enabled system. The system observes students’ actions and adapts to their knowledge and(More)
The paper presents KERMIT, a Knowledge-based Entity Relationship Modelling Intelligent Tutor. KERMIT is a problem-solving environment for the university-level students, in which they can practise conceptual database design using the Entity-Relationship data model. KERMIT uses Constraint-Based Modelling (CBM) to model the domain knowledge and generate(More)
The paper describes the design and development of NORMIT, an Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) that teaches database normalization to university students. NORMIT is a Web-enabled system, and we discuss its architecture and techniques used to deal with multiple students. We also discuss Constraint-Based Modeling (CBM), the underlying student and domain(More)
Numerous approaches to student modeling have been proposed since the inception of the field more than three decades ago. hat the field is lacking completely is comparative analyses of different student modeling approaches. Such analyses are sorely needed, as they can identify the most promising approaches and provide guidelines for future research. In this(More)
This paper discusses the simple open student models used in two of our constraint-based tutors, SQLTutor and KERMIT, and their effects on self-assessment. The systems present a high-level abstraction of the detailed information contained in the student model, in terms of skill meters representing the student's progress on domain concepts. SQL-Tutor presents(More)
12 Abstract We present COLLECT-UML, a constraint-based intelligent tutoring system (ITS) 13 that teaches object-oriented analysis and design using Unified Modelling Language (UML). 14 UML is easily the most popular object-oriented modelling technology in current practice. 15 While teaching how to design UML class diagrams, COLLECT-UML also provides 16(More)