Antoniette M. Maldonado-Devincci

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Alcohol use increases across adolescence and is a concern in the United States. In humans, males and females consume different amounts of alcohol depending on the age of initiation, and the long-term consequences of early ethanol consumption are not readily understood. The purpose of our work was to better understand the immediate and long-term impact of(More)
Binge alcohol consumption is a rising concern in the United States, especially among adolescents. During this developmental period alcohol use is usually initiated and has been shown to cause detrimental effects on brain structure and function as well as cognitive/behavioral impairments in rats. Binge models, where animals are repeatedly administered high(More)
Alcohol use during adolescence represents a major health concern given that this is a period in which the brain continues to undergo critical developmental changes. Much behavioral research has been conducted in animal models of alcohol exposure, and a vulnerable period in adolescence has been identified that suggests lasting effects of ethanol exposure(More)
Title: The effects of alcohol and nicotine pretreatment during adolescence on adulthood responsivity to alcohol. Title: Repeated binge pattern ethanol administration during adolescence or adulthood: long-term changes in voluntary ethanol intake and mesolimbic dopamine functionality in male rats. Early adolescents show enhanced cocaine-induced locomotor(More)
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  • 2015
Without you two in my life I would not be the woman I am today. Mario, your 'Grumpy' wife thanks you for loving me the way you do. You are completely supportive of me and my goals and aspirations. You are a rare gem, and by far one of the greatest men I know. Your respect and admiration for me and the method to my madness ensures our relationship will(More)
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