Antonietta Zadini

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A single case study is presented of a patient, LT, with a reproduction conduction aphasic pattern of performance on word reproduction tasks; thus he made substitutions, insertions, deletions, and transpositions in reading, writing, and repetition of words and nonwords, as well as in sentence production, and in spoken and written picture and action naming.(More)
An important issue in contemporary cognitive neuroscience concerns the role of motor production processes in perceptual and conceptual analysis. To address this issue, we studied the performance of a large group of unilateral stroke patients across a range of tasks using the same set of common manipulable objects. All patients (n = 37) were tested for their(More)
An epidemiologic and clinical study of neck and upper limb musculoskeletal disorders was carried out on 65 vibration-exposed forestry operators using chain-saws and 31 comparable control subjects (maintenance workers) performing manual activity and not exposed to vibration. Upper limb function was evaluated by measuring finger and wrist circumference size,(More)
The prevalence of self-reported low back symptoms was investigated by a postal questionnaire in a group of 234 urban bus drivers exposed to whole-body vibration and postural stress and in a control group of 125 maintenance workers employed at the same bus municipal company. The average vertical whole-body vibration magnitude measured on the seat pan of the(More)
We report the case of OTM who presented with dynamic aphasia following a stroke that occurred in the left basal ganglia. He showed drastically reduced spontaneous speech in the context of well preserved naming, repetition and comprehension skills. OTM was particularly impaired in generating words, sentences and phrases when cued by a stimulus allowing many(More)
It has been proposed that language and action representational systems overlap when the tasks used to assess them involve the same stimuli and require abilities acquired at similarly early developmental stage. We matched variables at task and stimulus level to test this hypothesis in a group of 12 left-damaged patients (and 17 controls). At the patients'(More)
Recent research in comparative psychology suggests that similarities between the behaviour of two individuals may not be the consequence of imitation only, but also of nonimitative social-learning processes. In the present study we aimed to investigate whether these alternative learning processes can take place in human adults, specifically in patients(More)
To evaluate the usefulness of aesthesiometric threshold testing in the quantitative assessment of peripheral sensorineural disorders occurring in the hand-arm vibration syndrome, two point discrimination (TPD) and depth sense perception (DSP) thresholds were measured by means of two aesthesiometers in the fingertips of 65 forestry workers exposed to chain(More)
An experimental study of the physiological effects of brush saw operation was performed on eight professional agricultural workers. The experiments were carried out in the field under practical working conditions. Aesthesiometric thresholds (two-point discrimination and depth sense perception), manipulative dexterity, pinch grip force and fingertip skin(More)