Antonietta Leone

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In this work, we report the ectopic expression of the Osmyb4 rice gene, encoding the Myb4 transcription factor, in Nicotiana tabacum and Salvia sclarea. Transcriptional analysis of T2 homozygous tobacco plants overexpressing Osmyb4 revealed that Myb4 activated the transcription of several genes of the phenylpropanoid pathway such as PAL, C4H, 4CL1, 4CL2(More)
Diterpenoids are important compounds for plant survival and have beneficial properties for humans. Bioactive abietanic diterpenes are synthesized in roots of Salvia sclarea (e.g. aethiopinone, 1-oxoaethiopinone, salvipisone, and ferruginol), but at a very low level (about 1 % of root dry weight). To enhance the biosynthesis of this interesting class of(More)
Transcriptional activation of genes belonging to the plastidial MEP-derived isoprenoid pathway by elicitation with methyl jasmonate and coronatine enhanced the content of bioactive abietane diterpenes in Salvia sclarea hairy roots. We have shown that aethiopinone, an abietane diterpene synthesized in Salvia sclarea roots is cytotoxic and induces apoptosis(More)
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