Antonia Tzemanaki

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Towards an anthropomorphic design of minimally invasive instru-mentation for soft tissue robotic surgery. Disclaimer UWE has obtained warranties from all depositors as to their title in the material deposited and as to their right to deposit such material. UWE makes no representation or warranties of commercial utility, title, or fitness for a particular(More)
Abdominal surgery has seen a rapid transition from open procedures to Robot-Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery (R-A MIS). The learning process for new surgeons is long compared to open surgery, and the desired dexterity cannot always be achieved using the current surgical instruments. Furthermore, the way that these instruments are controlled plays an(More)
BACKGROUND Over the past century, abdominal surgery has seen a rapid transition from open procedures to less invasive methods, such as robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery (MIS). This study aimed to investigate and discuss the needs of MIS in terms of instrumentation and to inform the design of a novel instrument. METHODS A survey was conducted among(More)
Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) has proven to be beneficial in providing outstanding results for the patients. However, studies have shown that the surgeon faces significant challenges whilst performing this type of surgery, ranging from poorly designed instrument handles, to potential harm to the surgeon due to awkward postures. Deriving from the crucial(More)
Accepted 18 September 2013. Published online first 11 October 2013. This is the pre?peer reviewed version of the following article: Tzemanaki, A., Walters, P., Pipe, A. G., Melhuish, C. and Dogramadzi, S. (2014) An anthropomorphic design for a minimally invasive surgical system based on a survey of surgical technologies, techniques and training.(More)
While multi-fingered robotic hands have been developed for decades, none has been used for surgical operations. μAngelo is an anthropomorphic master-slave system for teleoperated robot-assisted surgery. As part of this system, this paper focuses on its slave instrument, a miniature three-digit hand. The design of the mechanism of such a manipulator(More)
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