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Clinical and experimental studies suggest an association between low-level lead exposure and hypertension. This association was investigated in six 3-month-old dogs who were randomly paired with their littermates. The daily oral dose of lead acetate was 1.0 mg Pb/kg body wt for 5 months; the controls received equimolar sodium acetate. Blood pressure was(More)
Fluorescein-labeled immunoglobulin G (IgG) fractions of serum from patients with acute poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis stained parts of the glomerular basement membrane and mesangium of kidney tissue obtained from the same patients during the early phase of the disease. Renal tissue obtained from normal individuals and from patients with other kidney(More)
A white female infant who developed a sudden onset of gross hematuria and proteinuria at 3 months of age was referred for evaluation of nephrotic syndrome at 6 months. Laboratory investigations revealed severe Coomb's negative hemolytic anemia, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, hypocomplementemia and elevated anti-nuclear antibody titer and DNA antibodies.(More)
The authors propose "decreased-dose-intensity" PCV (procarbazine, lomustine [CCNU], and vincristine) chemotherapy for Asian patients with oligodendroglial tumors. In this study, all seven patients with oligodendroglioma (OD) and eight with anaplastic oligodendroglioma (AO) had objective responses or stable disease. Median progression-free survival was(More)
Fluorescein-labeled immunoglobulin G fractions from serums of patients with acute glomerulonephritis and from many normal serums stained the glomerular basement membrane and mesangium of renal tissue from patients with early acute glomerulonephritis; these serums did not stain the corresponding tissues from patients with any other kidney disease. Previous(More)
Intracranial germ cell tumours are rare. The incidence of primary intracranial yolk sac tumour is even more uncommon, with only two reported cases being associated with Down's syndrome in the English literature. This report details the findings of yolk sac tumour in the pineal region affecting a 22 year old Chinese man with Down's syndrome. Histology(More)