Antonia Szymanski

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The optimization of scaffold mechanical properties for neurite extension is critical for neural tissue engineering. Agarose hydrogels can be used to stimulate and maintain three-dimensional neurite extension from primary sensory ganglia in vitro. The present study explores the structure-function relationship between dorsal root ganglion (DRG) neurite(More)
Educators, designers and curriculum creators are interested in developing educational experiences that replicate the fun aspect of video games to increase student intrinsic motivation. This aspect, which compels players to engage with the game and persist despite failing, has the potential to increase student academic success. Researchers used mixed-methods(More)
1 Academic as achievement reflects the accumulation over time of interactions between a student and the demands and affordances of the situations in which they attempt to learn particular academic knowledge and skills. Aptitude theory describes the cognitive, affective, and conative variables that moderate the success these interactions. Racial identity may(More)
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