Antonia Passarelli

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We prove a C1,μ partial regularity result for minimizers of a non autonomous integral funcitional of the form F(u; Ω) := ˆ Ω f(x, Du) dx under the so-called non standard growth conditions. More precisely we assume that c|z|p ≤ f(x, z) ≤ L(1 + |z|q), for 2 ≤ p < q and that Dzf(x, z) is α-Hölder continuous with respect to the x-variable. The regularity is(More)
Regularity results for minimal configurations of variational problems involving both bulk and surface energies and subject to a volume constraint are established. The bulk energies are convex functions with p-power growth, but are otherwise not subjected to any further structure conditions. For a minimal configuration (u,E), Hölder continuity of the(More)
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