Antonia Noce

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A total of 202 serum and stool samples from acute hepatitis patients attending the Fever Hospital of Alexandria, Egypt, have been studied to reveal markers of hepatitis virus infection. Anti-HAV IgM were detected in 21 out of 202 sera (10.4%), whereas 201 sera (99.5%) had anti-HAV IgG. The first age attack was in the class-age 0–9 years with 64.7% of(More)
The surveillance system for Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) implemented in the S. Eugenio hospital of Rome allows to monitor the distribution of the micro-organisms by service and their resistance to antibiotics. It is based upon the data collected by the Central analysis Laboratory of the hospital. The data of four high-risk departments (Surgical(More)
The goals of the current work were to analyse the population structure of 11 Spanish ovine breeds and to detect genomic regions that may have been targeted by selection. A total of 141 individuals were genotyped with the Infinium 50 K Ovine SNP BeadChip (Illumina). We combined this dataset with Spanish ovine data previously reported by the International(More)
In this study, we have characterized the mitochondrial diversity of 81 swine from Uganda. Median-joining network analysis of D-loop sequences from these individuals and others characterized in previous studies allowed us to determine that Ugandan pigs cluster with populations from the West (Europe/North Africa), Far East and India. In addition, partial(More)
We aimed to analyse the genetic diversity of Romanian wild boars and to compare it with that from other wild boar and pig populations from Europe and Asia. Partial sequencing of the mitochondrial encoded cytochrome b (MT-CYB) gene from 36 Romanian wild boars and 36 domestic pigs (Mangalitza, Bazna and Vietnamese breeds) showed that the diversity of Romanian(More)
Regulatory variation at the ovine casein genes could have important effects on the composition and coagulation properties of milk. Herewith, we have partially resequenced the promoters and the 3'-UTR of the four casein genes in 25 Sarda sheep. Alignment of these sequences allowed us to identify a total of 29 SNPs. This level of polymorphism (one SNP every(More)
The main goal of the current work was to infer the demographic history of seven Spanish goat breeds (Malagueña, Murciano-Granadina, Florida, Palmera, Mallorquina, Bermeya and Blanca de Rasquera) based on genome-wide diversity data generated with the Illumina Goat SNP50 BeadChip (population size, N = 176). Five additional populations from Europe (Saanen and(More)
Cold storage is a well-known strategy to limit concerns about seasonality for sheep dairy productions. Th e aim of this study was to investigate the eff ect of long-term freezing on milk renneting properties from the Sarda sheep, an autochthonous breed from Italy. Two-hundred milk samples from 50 pluriparous Sarda ewes were collected at monthly intervals(More)
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