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Parasites of wild primates are important for conservation biology and human health due to their high potential to infect humans. In the Amazon region, non-human primates are commonly infected by(More)
Precipitin tests were performed on blood meals of 199 sand flies (161 Lutzomyia umbratilis, 34 L. spathotrichia, two Lutzomyia of group shannoni, one L. anduzei) in a non-flooded upland forest on the(More)
During the period of 2002 to 2003, there were collected sand flies in two areas of Amazon State (Forest Combat Training Base – BI1 and Tarumã-Mirim). Were collected the 1440 L. (Nyssomyia) umbratilis(More)
This study reports the distribution, ecotopes and fauna diversity of sandflies captured in five training bases on a military reserve in Manaus, state of Amazonas (AM). A total of 10,762 specimens(More)