Antonia Maria Guglielmin

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Tests on samples of braided asbestos cord used in truck exhaust systems revealed a constant presence of chrysotile. Amosite fibres were also observed in many of the samples. Following a case of asbestosis in a truck driver, it was assumed that asbestos fibres could reach the driver's cab through the openings of the ventilation and heating system and also(More)
  • J. Altegoere, M. Anfrevillet, +96 authors H. Zacconet
  • 2007
NOMAD is a short baseline neutrino oscillation experiment searching for ! and ! e oscillations in the CERN SPS wide band neutrino beam. The experiment has been collecting data since July 1995 and the data taking will continue until at least the end of 1997. A preliminary analysis based on the 1995 data sample allows NOMAD to set 90% con dence limits of sin2(More)
  • J. Altegoere, M. Anfrevillet, +104 authors H. Zacconet
  • 2007
The NOMAD experiment has been optimized to detect primary electrons with good e ciency. e charged current interactions can be analysed to search for a ! e signal: no evidence for such a signal is observed in the NOMAD data collected during 1995 run. Comparing the ratio e= of observed e and charged current interactions to expectations shows no evidence for(More)
Patch tests were performed on 43 workers employed in an animal fodder plant, a typical dust-laden environment. The aim of the study was to establish and assess the incidence of preclinical sensitization to the substances used, some of which are well known allergens, and identify which of these were mostly responsible. On the whole, the tests did not reveal(More)
BACKGROUND Several studies highlighting a correlation between call-center working conditions and psychosocial and ergonomic hazards. OBJECTIVES AND METHODS The aim of this study is to provide an operating methodology for the risk assessment of work-related stress. The study involved 554 call-centre workers employed in three insurance organizations and a(More)
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