Antonia I Karavasiou

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BACKGROUND Trying to confront with the widespread burden of infectious diseases, the society worldwide invests considerably on research. We evaluated the contribution of different world regions in research production in Infectious Diseases. METHODS Using the online Pubmed database we retrieved articles from 38 journals included in the "Infectious(More)
The field of tropical medicine has a long history due to the significance of the relevant diseases for the humanity. We estimated the contribution of different world regions to research published in the main journals of tropical medicine. Using the PubMed and the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) "Web of Science" databases, we retrieved articles(More)
In order to expand upon the limited literature estimating the quantity and quality of worldwide research production in the field of microbiology, a bibliometric analysis was conducted for the period 1995–2003 using the PubMed and Journal Citation Reports databases. By searching the “microbiology” category of the Journal Citation Reports database, a total of(More)
The quantity and quality of published research in the field of Virology by different world regions was estimated in this study. Using the PubMed database, articles from journals included in the "Virology" category of the "Journal Citation Reports" database of the Institute for Scientific Information for the period 1995-2003 were retrieved. The world was(More)
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