Antonia DeJesus

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The efficacy of a voucher-based incentive program for improving adherence to outpatient, thrice weekly naltrexone maintenance was tested in a three group, randomized, 12-week clinical trial. Voucher incentives were given as follows: contingent group (n = 19) for each consecutive naltrexone dose ingested; non-contingent group (n = 19) on unpredictable(More)
The relationships of human platelet thromboxane A2-prostaglandin H2 (TxA2/PGH2) receptor occupation as assessed by equilibrium binding of the TxA2/PGH2 agonist [125I]BOP to the functional responses of I-BOP-induced platelet shape change and aggregation were determined before and after specific, irreversible inactivation of platelet TxA2/PGH2 receptors with(More)
Intraventricular ependymoma is a rare type of feline intracranial neoplasia and published information on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) characteristics is currently lacking. The purpose of this retrospective case series study was to describe the clinical and MRI characteristics of histopathologically confirmed intraventricular ependymomas in a group of(More)
A domestic shorthair kitten was presented for evaluation and further treatment of seizures. Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain revealed a large multilobulated mass in the third ventricle extending into the right lateral ventricle with secondary obstructive hydrocephalus. The mass was homogeneously isointense to gray matter on T2W, T2-FLAIR, T2* W, T1W,(More)
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