Antonia Cardew

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Dynamic body acceleration (DBA) has been used as a proxy for energy expenditure in logger-equipped animals, with researchers summing the acceleration (overall dynamic body acceleration--ODBA) from the three orthogonal axes of devices. The vector of the dynamic body acceleration (VeDBA) may be a better proxy so this study compared ODBA and VeDBA as proxies(More)
AIM Accurate estimation of energy expenditure (EE) is important in human and animal behavior analysis. Rate of oxygen consumption (VO2) reflects EE during aerobic metabolism but is not always convenient. Alternative methods include heart rate (HR) and overall dynamic body acceleration (ODBA). A favorable ODBA-VO2 relationship was recently reported but the(More)
Low dose rate teletherapy aims to combine the supposedly superior results obtained with low dose rate implants with the convenience and staff protection characteristics of external beam therapy. Previous investigators have used telecobalt units to produce dose rates of 1.1 to 1.8 Gy/hr to treat in daily sessions lasting 6-10 hours to total doses of 60-70(More)
Quality control in nuclear medicine is all important. This applies not only to preparation of the patient and acquisition of the image, but also to interpretation of the study. Although it may seem self-evident, it is important to remain aware of artifacts that are directly related to the patient and need special consideration. Furthermore, at times the(More)
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