Antonia Burt

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OBJECTIVES Anopheles gambiae is the primary vector of malaria in sub-Saharan Africa and is a potential target of genetic control programs. We determined the capacity of male A. gambiae created by germline transformation to introduce infertility into stable age-distribution populations. We also determined effects of the transgenes on life history. METHODS(More)
Recent information regarding vaccine site-associated sarcomas in cats suggest a relationship to either feline leukemia virus or rabies vaccines. The authors' initial case was in a cat that had received neither of these vaccines. Review of the available hospital records revealed an increasing number of vaccine site-associated sarcomas, none of which were(More)
BACKGROUND The use of electronic records in healthcare is increasing. To avoid errors, it is essential that the data displays used by these systems are usable: efficient, effective and satisfying. A wide variety of display techniques are used to present clinical data, but the best methods to assess the usability of these techniques have not been determined.(More)
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