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BACKGROUND The Contextual Assessment of Maternity Experience (CAME) interview was developed to characterise the psychosocial context relevant to the maternity experience by providing a detailed picture of women's lives during the transition to motherhood. More specifically, it was designed to enable the assessment of major risk factors for emotional(More)
BACKGROUND There has been little prospective investigation of the relationship between adult attachment style and clinical levels of anxiety and major depression. This paper seeks to address this, as well as examining the potentially mediating role of adult insecure attachment styles in the relationship between childhood adverse experience and adult(More)
This study aimed to investigate a specific relationship between nonsuicidal self-injury (NSSI) and a variety of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) over and above childhood abuse and their impact on frequency, severity, and functions of NSSI. A sample of 125 inpatients (aged 13 to 26) was consecutively recruited within a psychiatric university hospital.(More)
Adults with alexithymia retrospectively report emotional difficulties with caregivers during childhood. However, the association between attachment style and alexithymic traits may be evident at an earlier stage than adulthood, i.e. during adolescence. Sixty school-based healthy females aged 9–18 years (mean 14.08, SD 2.71 years) participated in an(More)
and Caretti recently published an interesting brief report in Psychiatry Investigation concerning the role of childhood trauma, dissociation, and alexithymia in alcohol dependence. 1 In their exploratory study, Craparo and colleagues found that people suffering from alcohol use disorder were exposed to a greater number of traumatic events in their childhood(More)
BACKGROUND Research documents a strong relationship between childhood maltreatment and depression. However, only few studies have examined the specific effects of various types of childhood abuse/neglect on depression. This meta-analysis estimated the associations between depression and different types of childhood maltreatment (antipathy, neglect, physical(More)
OBJECTIVES Validation of the German translation of a questionnaire and the corresponding interview for the assessment of adverse childhood experiences within the family environment and investigation of an association of these experiences with suicidal behaviour. METHOD The questionnaire was tested in a consecutively recruited sample of 125 psychiatric(More)
BACKGROUND Working alliance has shown a predictive value of the outcome in different therapeutic settings but was not yet studied in a non-medical setting. METHODS The predictive value and the factor structure of the Working Alliance Inventory (WAI) [36-item client version; as reported by Horvath and Greenberg (J Couns Psychol 36:223-233, 1989)] were(More)
The role of marital breakdown in women's mental health is of key concern in Malaysia and internationally. A cross-sectional questionnaire study of married and separated/divorced and widowed women examined insecure attachment style as an associated risk factor for depression among 1002 mothers in an urban community in Malaysia. A previous report replicated a(More)
Standard psychiatric criteria for depression developed in the United States and United Kingdom are increasingly used worldwide to establish the prevalence of clinical disorders and to help develop services. However, these approaches are rarely sensitive to local and cultural expressions of symptoms or beliefs about treatment. Mismatch between diagnostic(More)