Antoni Soto

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This work reports on the implementation of a two-dimensional, varia-tional geometric constraint solver based on a constructive approach. The solver computes a solution in two phases. First, using rewrite rules, the solver builds a sequence of construction steps. Then, the construction steps are carried out to generate an instance of the geometric object for(More)
This paper is focused on trajectory reconstruction techniques for evaluating ATC systems, using real data of recorded opportunity traffic. We analyze different alternatives for this problem, from traditional interpolation approaches based on curve fitting to our proposed schemes based on modeling regular motion patterns with optimal smoothers. The(More)
In this paper some key points of a new tool being currently developed by Eurocontrol for air traffic control multiradar-multisensor data processing systems performance assessment are described. It summarizes the algorithmic foundations of the trajectory reconstruction process used to obtain reference trajectories from recorded measures. Example results of(More)
This paper describes the design and implementation of a bias estimation system for airport surveillance. If not correctly calibrated, systematic errors may lead to track instability, and even to track splitting. Airport safety demands for very stable and accurate tracking, and so addressing this problem is mandatory if a data fusion system is to be used in(More)
The work presented here addresses practical aspects of data fusion to implement a prototype of advanced surface movement guidance and control systems (A-SMGCS). It reflects recent experiences in an on-going project to fuse data from available and future sensors at Madrid-Barajas airport: automatic surface detection equipment (ASDE), millimeter wave sensor(More)
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