Antoni Pietrzykowski

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A new dinuclear complex (NiC(5)H(4)SiMe(2)CHCH(2))(2) (2) was prepared by reacting nickelocene derivative [(C(5)H(4)SiMe(2)CH=CH(2))(2)Ni] (1) with methyllithium (MeLi). Good quality crystals were subjected to a high-resolution X-ray measurement. Subsequent multipole refinement yielded accurate description of electron density distribution. Detailed(More)
Following previous reports on the synthesis and structure of different nickelacyclic complexes analogues of nickelocene, we now deal with the new metallacyclic compounds (eta5-R-cyclopentadienyl){eta4-[1-(eta5-R-cyclopentadienyl)]-2,3,4,5-tetraphenyl-1-nickela-2-cyclopentenyl}nickel (R = H, CH3). The redox ability of the whole series of nickelacyclic(More)
Many mechanism may participate in the inhibition of thyroid function by excess of iodine. The present study was aimed at answering the question, whether the excess of iodine influences the activity of type I thyroxine 5'-deiodinase. To 40 female rats fed with standard diet a dose of 42 micrograms of iodine daily was administered into the stomach through the(More)
A new hexanuclear cyclopentadienylnickel carbide cluster (NiCp)(6)(μ(6)-C) (1) was obtained through the thermolysis of the alkene complex [NiCp(CH(3))(η(2)-CH(2)═CHC(4)H(9))] (4). The X-ray molecular structure of 1 (monoclinic; P2(1)/c; Ni-C(carbide) = 1.767(4)-2.109(4) Å) reveals a highly deformed octahedral arrangement of nickel atoms with two octahedron(More)
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