Antoni Meseguer-Artola

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Despite the important benefits for firms of commercial initiatives on the Internet, e-commerce is still an emerging distribution channel, even in developed countries. Thus more needs to be known about the mechanisms affecting its development. A large number of works have studied firms’ e-commerce adoption from technological, intraorganisational,(More)
This paper aims to clarify and characterize the role of flow in student’s behavioural processes in virtual learning environments. To this end, an integral model of flow in e-learning environments is proposed and tested. The empirical part of the research was based on both qualitative and quantitative techniques. The former consisted of seven in-depth(More)
This paper tries to explain the temporal evolution of electronic commerce in a developed country. For this purpose, we evaluate the contribution of the size of the potential market represented by the community of Internet users to the development of electronic commerce, as well as of other determinant factors. The validation carried out, for the whole(More)
This paper seeks to explain why some individuals sink further into states of flow than others, and what effects flow has in the context of a virtual education environment. Our findings—gathered from both questionnaire and behavioural data—reveal that flow states are elicited by the e-learners’ senses of controlling the virtual education environment, their(More)
In this paper we introduce a new approach to representing both TU-games and NTU-games as special economic structures. Instead of representing a game as a market – an exchange economy with concave utility functions – as in the extant literature, we represent an arbitrary game as a coalition production economy with a public good. The economy provides an(More)
In this paper we study network structures in which the possibilities for cooperation are restricted and the benefits of a group of players depend on how these players are 17 internally connected. One way to represent this type of situations is the so-called reward function, which represents the profits obtainable by the total coalition if links can be used(More)
A key impact the Internet is having on university teaching involves the new choices being provided because of open educational content. Wikipedia is a clear example of these new options. Not only is it a gigantic open repository of knowledge and information, it can also be considered a technological platform that facilitates collaboration for knowledge(More)