Antoni Kunicki

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The authors describe a fast method for estimating the elastance of the intracranial system in man. The method consists in constructing the so-called amplitude-pressure (Amp-P) curve which describes the relationship between the amplitude of pulse-related oscillations in cerebrospinal fluid pressure and the basic level of intracranial pressure. The Amp-P(More)
A new method of estimating intracranial decompensation in man is described. An on-line computer system is connected to an intracranial pressure (ICP) monitoring system to compute regression plots of mean ICP vs standard deviation; standard deviation is used as a measure of ICP instability. Two zones with distinctly different slopes are a characteristic(More)
A specialized neurosurgical data acquisition and processing system was developed and applied in practice to monitor some 60 patients after head injury or neurosurgical operations. At first the system allowed off-line operation, and the experiences thus gained made it possible to implement the system in its present form for real-time on-line patient(More)
In 39 patients with intracranial lesions the resorption resistance was measured using an own computerized infusion test. A high usefulness of this test was demonstrated in the diagnosis of hydrocephalus and for establishing indications to ventriculocardiac valve implantation. In patients after craniocerebral injuries a rise was observed of the resorption(More)