Antoni Bruzgielewicz

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The majority of moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss individuals must rely on amplification of the acoustic signal to improve communication skills. This aim is generally accomplished with conventional air conduction hearing aids [1]. In some cases, hearing aid wearers report difficulties and limited adoption of hearing aids due to ear canal(More)
Merkel cell carcinoma (MCC) is a skin cancer arising from neurosecretory cells which take part in APUD system. In most cases it is locally growing tumor with significant tendency to local recurrences after surgery. The authors have described four cases MCC localised on the skin of the middle angle of the eye, lower eyelid, auricle and cheek, without nodal(More)
AIM OF STUDY Evaluation of usefulness new non-contact method--Laser Doppler vibrometry (LDV) in measurements of movability of ossicular chain during second look operation was aim of the study. We would like answer to questions: 1. Is LDV helpful in intraoperative conditions? 2. Which measurements points have the largest practical value? 3. Which measured(More)
Laryngeal cancer (LC) is one of the most prevalent types of head and neck cancer. An increasing interest has been focused on the role of microRNA (miRNAs) in LC development. The study group consisted of 135 larynx cancer patients and 170 cancer-free individuals. Nine polymorphisms of pre-miRNA processing genes, DROSHA (rs6877842), DGCR8 (rs3757, rs417309,(More)
UNLABELLED Round window's movability measurements with helping of LDV in evaluation of ossicular chain functioning. AIM OF STUDY Quantitive evaluation of round window movability in normal conditions and after malleus stapes assembly reconstruction were aims of the study. METHODS AND MATERIALS In the experiment there were taken 10 non-frozen temporal(More)
Searching for the methods, which may improve the visualisation of the membranous labyrinth, authors decided to evaluate autofluorescence of the membranous structures of the inner ear. The analysis of the inner ear autofluorescence parameters was performed. We assessed, whether the detected differences in autofluorescence between the bony elements and the(More)
OBJECTIVES Treatment of patients with recurrent pleomorphic adenoma of the parotid gland is a challenge for a surgeon due to frequent problems with complete resection of all tumour foci while preserving continuity and function of the facial nerve. The aim of this study was to evaluate the clinical presentation and treatment results of patients with(More)
INTRODUCTION Certain problems in ear surgery are caused by temporal bone cholestetoma and chronic otitis media complicated by deafness, facial nerve dysfunction, vertigo or meningcephalocele. Lateral petrosectomy offers possibility of radical treatment and prevention of temporal bone destruction and following complications. AIM OF STUDY It is an analysis(More)
INTRODUCTION Skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma) and melanoma are the most frequent malignancy appearing in a human begin. The treatment of choice is surgical excision of tumor with margins of healthy tissue. An extent of resection determines the method of reconstruction. MATERIAL The authors present reconstructive methods of nasal(More)
The authors described a technique and presented the results of the modified labyrinthectomy in 9 cases. A labyrinthectomy was performed during the removal of neuromas by translabirynthine approach, in advanced unilateral Meniere disease, in a huge perylimphatic fistula and in a case of labyrinthitis latens. In 3 cases of the neuromas removal the residual(More)