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BACKGROUND Prenatal diagnosis of chromosome abnormalities through the analysis of amniocytes or chorionic villus samples (CVS) is an accepted part of prenatal care. Chromosome numerical changes (aneuploidy, polyploidy), large deletions and duplications, and rearrangements can be detected through conventional chromosome analysis (karyotyping) and smaller(More)
BACKGROUND Women employed in domestic cleaning are at increased risk for symptoms of obstructive lung disease, but the agents responsible are unknown. AIMS To investigate common tasks and products in occupational domestic cleaning in relation to respiratory morbidity. METHODS Case-control study in domestic cleaning women nested within a large population(More)
STUDY QUESTION Is there any effect of maternal age on chromosomal anomaly rate and spectrum in recurrent miscarriage? SUMMARY ANSWER There was no significant difference in the chromosome abnormality rate between sporadic and recurrent miscarriage but the chromosome abnormality rate increased significantly with maternal age. WHAT IS KNOWN ALREADY About(More)
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