Antoni Arias

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This paper presents a novel controller based on Direct Torque Control (DTC) strategy. This controller is designed to be applied in the control of Induction Motors (IM) fed with a three-level Voltage Source Inverter (VSI). This type of inverter has several advantages over the standard two-level VSI, such as a greater number of levels in the output voltage(More)
We observe two consecutive heteronuclear Efimov resonances in an ultracold Li-Cs mixture by measuring three-body loss coefficients as a function of magnetic field near a Feshbach resonance. The first resonance is detected at a scattering length of a_((0))=-320(10)a_((0)), corresponding to ∼7(∼3) times the Li-Cs (Cs-Cs) van der Waals range. The second(More)
This paper presents the study of an alternative Space Vector Modulation (SVM) implementation for Matrix Converters (MC) which reduces the output Common Mode (CM) voltage. The strategy is based on replacing the MC zero vectors by the rotating ones. In doing this, the CM voltage can be reduced which in-turn reduces the CM leakage current. By reducing the CM(More)