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BACKGROUND Since dialysis has brought long-term survival to uremic patients, we can now speculate on more subtle problems derived from imbalance or sub-optimal regulation of some elements such as trace metals. We focused on the rubidium (Rb) status in dialysis patients (HD), as concerns about its possible deficiency have been raised. METHODS Rb in uremic(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS The therapeutic monitoring of Tacrolimus (FK506) is necessary since low doses may cause graft rejection while overdosage is linked to nephrotoxicity, neurotoxicity, and many other adverse effects. Occasional notices of elevated values recorded in patients under maintenance regimen have prompted us to record all results exceeding the(More)
Tacrolimus (TAC, FK-506) and everolimus (EVE, RAD001) are immunosuppressors used to treat pediatric patients undergoing liver transplantation. Their hematic TDM by liquid chromatography became standard practice. However, it does not always reflect concentrations at their active site. Our aim was to develop and validate a new method for the simultaneous TAC(More)
BACKGROUND Tacrolimus is an immunosuppressor used to treat patients undergoing liver transplantation. TDM of hematic tacrolimus by liquid chromatography became standard practice, but it does not necessarily reflect its concentration at its active site. Our aim was to validate a new method for tacrolimus quantification into target cells (peripheral blood(More)
AIM The aim of the present study was to investigate the influence of the cytochrome P450 (CYP) 3A4/5 genotype in paediatric liver transplant recipients and donors, and the contribution of age and gender to tacrolimus disposition on the first day after transplantation. METHODS The contribution of the CYP3A4/5 genotype in paediatric liver transplant(More)
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