Antonello Alvino

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OBJECTIVE Infection with hepatotropic viruses is associated with a variable degree of liver disease, and there is evidence that more severe lesions are related to the association with another viral infection. The aim of this investigation is to establish the relationship between different viral infections occurring in the same individual and the presence(More)
The scope and limitations of gold-catalyzed tandem cycloisomerization/fluorination reactions of unprotected 2-alkynylanilines to have access to 3,3-difluoro-2-aryl-3H-indoles and 3-fluoro-2-arylindoles are described. An unprecedented aminoauration/oxidation/fluorination cascade reaction of 2-alkynylanilines bearing a linear alkyl group on the terminal(More)
Following previous studies on anthraquinone and acridine-based G-quadruplex ligands, here we present a study of similar aromatic cores, with the specific aim of increasing G-quadruplex binding and selectivity with respect to duplex DNA. Synthesized compounds include two and three-side chain xanthone and xanthene derivatives, as well as a dimeric "bridged"(More)
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