Antonella de Carlo

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BACKGROUND In the literature negative affectivity (NA) is considered both a confounding variable as well as a predictive variable for work-related stress. However, a common limitation in this line of research relates to the use of self-report measures for determining NA, perceived stressors and psychophysical strain. AIMS To test, using a multi-method(More)
Microelectromechanical system (MEMS) development has become an active area for research in over the last decade. This area has advanced rapidly in recent years due to the potential ability of MEMS devices to perform complex functions in a smaller area. There is also the prospect to develop devices that can (1) be easily manufactured, (2) offer low power(More)
Spheno-orbital meningioma (SOM) is an intriguing tumor because of the many different factors that can influence clinical and oncological outcome after treatment. Reasoning that outcome indicator measurement is key to improving therapy, we retrospectively evaluated the management of proptosis and other ocular symptoms in 47 patients surgically treated for(More)
Angioleiomyoma (AL) is a benign neoplasia originating from smooth muscle and very uncommon in the oral cavity. The most frequent subtype in the oral cavity is the vascular one. AL usually occurs in the extremities: only around 12% are found in other areas such as head and neck. It presents as an asymptomatic, slow growing nodule lodging in the palate,(More)
Peacetime has reduced the overall incidence of penetrating brain injuries (PBI), and those related to missile penetration are not common anymore at least in western countries. Nevertheless, PBI still occur, and car crashes or work accidents are their main causes. The management of such cases is characterized by many challenges, not only from a surgical and(More)
OBJECTIVE Owing to their rarity and proteiform pathologic features, the clinical behavior of atypical meningiomas is not yet well characterized. Though the extent of resection is believed to be a key determinant of prognosis, limited data exist regarding optimal management of patients with recurrent disease. METHODS In this 20-year retrospective case(More)
OBJECTIVE Surgical excision combined with radio-chemotherapy represents the gold standard of therapy of medulloblastoma. The effectiveness of such a combined treatment has encouraged the use of radiotherapy even in young paediatric patients, in spite of the many adverse effects reported in literature, and, in particular, the increased risk of a second(More)
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