Antonella Zadini

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To evaluate the usefulness of aesthesiometric threshold testing in the quantitative assessment of peripheral sensorineural disorders occurring in the hand-arm vibration syndrome, two point discrimination (TPD) and depth sense perception (DSP) thresholds were measured by means of two aesthesiometers in the fingertips of 65 forestry workers exposed to chain(More)
The case is reported of a patient (PS) who, following acute encephalitis with residual occipito-temporal damage, showed a selective deficit in writing cursive letters in isolation, but no difficulty to write cursive-case words and non-words. Notably, he was able to recognize the same allographs he could not write and to produce both single letters and words(More)
An experimental study of the physiological effects of brush saw operation was performed on eight professional agricultural workers. The experiments were carried out in the field under practical working conditions. Aesthesiometric thresholds (two-point discrimination and depth sense perception), manipulative dexterity, pinch grip force and fingertip skin(More)
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