Antonella Scaglione

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Voltage-gated sodium channels are essential for electrical signalling across cell membranes. They exhibit strong selectivities for sodium ions over other cations, enabling the finely tuned cascade of events associated with action potentials. This paper describes the ion permeability characteristics and the crystal structure of a prokaryotic sodium channel,(More)
Neuroglobin is a member of the globin family involved in neuroprotection; it is primarily expressed in the brain and retina of vertebrates. Neuroglobin belongs to the heterogeneous group of hexacoordinate globins that have evolved in animals, plants and bacteria, endowed with the capability of reversible intramolecular coordination, allowing the binding of(More)
BACKGROUND OleP is a cyt P450 from Streptomyces antibioticus carrying out epoxigenation of the antibiotic oleandomycin during its biosynthesis. The timing of its reaction has not been fully clarified, doubts remain regarding its substrate and catalytic mechanism. METHODS The crystal structure of OleP in complex with clotrimazole, an inhibitor of P450s(More)
We determined the crystal structure of Thr1, the self-standing adenylation domain involved in the nonribosomal-like biosynthesis of free 4-chlorothreonine in Streptomyces sp. OH-5093. Thr1 shows two monomers in the crystallographic asymmetric unit with different relative orientations of the C- and N-terminal subdomains both in the presence of substrates and(More)
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