Antonella Perrone

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Enterococci are implicated in about 20% of cases of infective endocarditis, topically in aged subjects with gastro-intestinal and/or genitourinary diseases. These forms are usually associated with an increased morbidity and mortality, in that also reflecting the difficulties encountered to set up a specific therapeutic approach. Among the various(More)
Oral candidiasis frequently occurs in HIV-positive patients especially in those with advanced disease. To date, common anti-mycotic drugs are unable to prevent relapses and alternative therapy is necessary to reduce disabling effects. With the aim of verifying whether thymic hormone extract may be efficacious in these subjects, we enrolled 10 HIV-positive(More)
INTRODUCTION Selective inhibitors of BRAF, vemurafenib and dabrafenib are the standard of care for metastatic melanoma patients with BRAF V600, while chemotherapy continued to be widely used in BRAF wild type patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS In order to discover novel candidate biomarkers predictive to treatment, serum of 39 metastatic melanoma vemurafenib(More)
We describe a patient who presented with purpuric lesions over his legs, asthenia and arthralgias. The patient was diagnosed as having cryoglobulinemia and no secreting monolateral pheochromocytoma. Two months after the removal of the tumour, the vasculitic lesions disappeared but the cryoglobulins were still present in the patient's serum. The(More)
The authors used in lung cancer resection for 53 patients the lymph node sentinel detection, already codified in breast cancer and in melanoma. They illustrate the proemial results of two methods: the first with vital dye; the second with a radiodrug and a sterile portable probe.
A 52 year old man, living in the province of Trapani (Sicily), presented with right hydrocele and slight orchialgia. The patient underwent epididymectomy and resection of T. vaginalis. The "tunica" was involved by a granulomatous process, containing a parasite of genus Dirofilaria (D. repens). Dirofilaria repens is a filarial nematode. Dogs, foxes and cats(More)
Primary carcinomas of the kidney can develop in renal transplantation in four sets of circumstances: (1) detected in the donor, (2) detected as a pre-existing neoplasm in the recipient prior to transplantation, (3) as de novo malignancies arising post-transplantation in the native kidneys of the recipient, (4) or in the graft. In Italy, any renal mass(More)