Antonella Pavese

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Several studies have suggested that both affective valence and arousal affect the perception of time. However, in previous experiments, the two affective dimensions have not been systematically controlled. In this study, standardized photographic slides rated for emotional valence and arousal were projected to two groups of subjects for 2, 4, and 6 sec. One(More)
Fourteen patients with stable acquired brain injuries exhibiting attention and working memory deficits were given 10 weeks of attention process training (APT) and 10 weeks of brain injury education in a cross-over design. Structured interviews and neuropsychological tests were used prior to rehabilitation and after both treatments to determine the influence(More)
When people attend to a target stimulus dimension, manipulations of non-relevant stimulus dimensions affect response latencies and error rates (MacLeod, 1991). For example, when people are asked to name the colour in which words are written, non-relevant colour-words interfere with the naming task (Stroop, 1935). Colour-words incongruent with the colour(More)
In a series of three experiments requiring selection of real objects for action, we investigated whether characteristics of the planned action and/or the “affordances” of target and distractor objects affected interference caused by distractors. In all of the experiments, the target object was selected on the basis of colour and was presented alone or with(More)
This paper presents an overview of the User Experience (UX) team at Google. We focus on four aspects of working within Google's product development organization: (1) a bottom-up 'ideas' culture, (2) a data-driven engineering approach, (3) a fast, highly iterative web development cycle, and (4) a global product perspective of designing for multiple(More)
Writing documents together using collaborative editing tools has become extremely common with the widespread availability of tools such as Google Docs. The design of such tools, rooted in early CSCW research, has historically been focused on providing awareness of the presence and activities of one's collaborators. Evidence from a recent qualitative study,(More)
Reading and listening involve complex psychological processes that recruit many brain areas. The anatomy of processing English words has been studied by a variety of imaging methods. Although there is widespread agreement on the general anatomical areas involved in comprehending words, there are still disputes about the computations that go on in these(More)
High-density electrical recordings were used to study the time course of processing in tasks that mark the operation of different attention networks. We examined 16 normal subjects and 11 individuals who had suffered traumatic brain injury (TBI) and complained of reduced ability to concentrate. We used three tasks—Continuous Performance Task (CPT), covert(More)
It has been proposed that the underlying deficit for some simultanagnosics is the inability to bilaterally orient attention in space due to parietal damage. In five experiments, we examine the performance of a patient with simultanagnosia secondary to bilateral occipito-parietal lesions, IC, in naming pairs of line-drawings. With simultaneous presentation(More)
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