Antonella Palomba

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Myogenesis is mainly sustained by a subpopulation of myogenic cells known as satellite cells (SC). In this paper we studied alpha-smooth muscle (alphaSMA) and alpha-sarcomeric muscle (alphaSRA) actin isoform expression in cultures of human satellite cells (HSC) isolated from skeletal muscle biopsies from a 5-day-old newborn, a 34-year-old young adult and a(More)
Negative symptoms account for a clinical dimension of schizophrenia. They are partly the cause of functional disability of this disease. Clinical experience shows that antipsychotics have little or no effect on these symptoms. The aim of this review is to gather existing data on the treatment of negative symptoms with antidepressants. The combination of(More)
The management of negative symptoms appears to be a major challenge because of functional disability induced by these symptoms and their relative resistance to treatments currently on the market. The aim of this article is to review new approaches that may enable optimal management of these symptoms. First, we describe the methodological difficulties that(More)
The efficacy of teicoplanin and imipenem was assayed on microorganisms, mainly hospital opportunistic organisms, resistant to common therapy, isolated from bronchoaspirates of high risk hospitalized patients. Imipenem has shown remarkable activity against all isolated microorganisms with sensitivities ranging from 91.93% against Acinetobacter calcoaceticus(More)
European (Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus) and American (Dermatophagoides farinae) house dust mite species are considered the most common causes of asthma and allergic symptoms worldwide. Der p 1 protein, one of the main allergens of D. pteronyssinus, is found in high concentration in mites faecal pellets, which can became easily airborne and, when inhaled,(More)
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