Antonella Mazzoni

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  • A Mazzoni
  • 1990
1. A survey of the literature on the vascular anatomy of the vestibular labyrinth in Man is presented, and the methods of investigation used to visualize the vessels are evaluated. A generally correct picture of the subject is provided by the various studies published since Siebenmann's monograph. There are, however, some conflicting points as well as some(More)
This paper reports on the design and implementation of a portable, hands-free, wearable haptic device that maps the emotions evoked by the music in a movie into vibrations, with the aim that hearing-impaired audience can get a sense of the emotional content carried by the music in specific movie scenes, and therefore feel (hear) the music through the sense(More)
In this paper we present Moody, a haptic wearable prototype intended to enhance mood music in Film through haptic sensations. Moody is the design resulting from an exploratory study aimed at finding new ways to enrich emotions in film entertainment. The work is aimed at designing expressive haptic patterns to heighten suspense and excitement in those movie(More)
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