Antonella Mattei

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analysis of mortality of psychiatric patients has been an important research topic since the first half of the nineteenth century. 1–3 Many studies have been conducted in recent decades examining the evidence of excess mortality in psychiatric patients with respect to the general population and analysing risk factors for death. Some authors 4,5 have(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to evaluate the antiplaque effect of a new alcohol free essential oil mouthwash with respect to a control of an essential oil with alcohol mouthwash, using an in vivo plaque regrowth model of 3-days. METHODS The study was designed as a double-masked, randomized, crossover clinical trial, involving 30 volunteers to(More)
In eleven normal women dopamine infusion (5 microgram/Kg/min) significantly lowered plasma prolactin levels but failed to suppress the PRL response to sulpiride (10 or 100 mg i.v.), while the same dose of dopamine was effective in abolishing the PRL response to TRH (200 microgram i.v.). In four hyperprolactinemic women showing an impaired PRL response to(More)
The aim of our study was to assess the efficacy and safety of endoscopic coblator adenoidectomy compared to cold curettage in paediatric patients. Forty homogeneous children (4-16 years of age) with adenoid hypertrophy were divided in 2 groups to receive adenoidectomy using cold curettage (A) or coblator (B). After surgery the following outcomes were(More)
On 6 April 2009, the city of L'Aquila was hit by a violent earthquake that destroyed almost all of its medieval centre, and the surviving inhabitants were evacuated and relocated in temporary quarters or undamaged homes. The aim of this study was to investigate the perceived quality of life of the elderly population 3 years after the earthquake in relation(More)
BACKGROUND To evaluate the antiplaque effects of an alcohol-free mouthrinse containing essential oils-Listerine Zero (LZ)-and an alcohol-based essential oils mouthrinse (EO+) compared with a positive control of 0.20% chlorhexidine mouthrinse (CHX) and a negative control of a placebo solution (saline), using an in vivo plaque regrowth model of three days. (More)
AGE severity is linked to etiology, and Rotavirus (RV) accounts for most of severe cases. In 2009 the World Health Organization recommended RV vaccination for all children. Worldwide a number of Countries implemented RV vaccination in their pediatric immunisation programmes, but only a limited number in Europe. This study was designed to estimate the(More)
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