Antonella Lauri

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Unveiling mechanisms driving specification, recruitment and regeneration of melanophores is key in understanding melanin-related disorders. This study reports on the applicability of a hybrid focus optoacoustic microscope (HFOAM) for volumetric tracking of migratory melanophores in developing zebrafish. The excellent contrast from highly-absorbing melanin(More)
Reconstructing a three-dimensional scene from multiple simultaneously acquired perspectives (the light field) is an elegant scanless imaging concept that can exceed the temporal resolution of currently available scanning-based imaging methods for capturing fast cellular processes. We tested the performance of commercially available light field cameras on a(More)
Non-invasive observation of spatiotemporal neural activity of large neural populations distributed over entire brains is a longstanding goal of neuroscience. We developed a real-time volumetric and multispectral optoacoustic tomography platform for imaging of neural activation deep in scattering brains. The system can record 100 volumetric frames per second(More)
We introduce a selective and cell-permeable calcium sensor for photoacoustics (CaSPA), a versatile imaging technique that allows for fast volumetric mapping of photoabsorbing molecules with deep tissue penetration. To optimize for Ca2+-dependent photoacoustic signal changes, we synthesized a selective metallochromic sensor with high extinction coefficient,(More)
A long-standing objective in neuroscience has been to image distributed neuronal activity in freely behaving animals. Here we introduce NeuBtracker, a tracking microscope for simultaneous imaging of neuronal activity and behavior of freely swimming fluorescent reporter fish. We showcase the value of NeuBtracker for screening neurostimulants with respect to(More)
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