Antonella Guidazzoli

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In the new Bologna City Museum (, in an immersion room ready for 3D stereo movies designed ad hoc by Cineca (, the public will encounter a unique experience halfway through their visit: a journey through time, a sort of Big Bang of Bolognese history, 2700 years in just 14 minutes. This visit will be led by a(More)
The role played by perivascular astrocytes in neural vessel maturation was investigated in microvessels of the chick embryo optic tectum. Three-dimensional reconstructions and quantitative analyses were made, and permeability was studied. On embryonic days 14–16, 12.5% of the microvessel wall is surrounded by astrocyte endfeet which, in most cases (82%),(More)
Interactive cinema will soon be a reality, following the current evolution of computer games. So far, however, interactivity is still limited, in particular because it is based on conscious operations of the viewer (e.g. through buttons, joystick, keyboards, voice, gestures). Instead, it would be desirable to adapt the movie plot to the viewers state of(More)
Data from Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) studies are blurred by inevitable physical phenomena occurring during data acquisition. These errors may be compensated by means of reconstruction algorithms which take into account accurate physical models of the data acquisition procedure. Unfortunately, this approach involves high memory(More)