Antonella Guidazzoli

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In the new Bologna City Museum (, in an immersion room ready for 3D stereo movies designed ad hoc by Cineca (, the public will encounter a unique experience halfway through their visit: a journey through time, a sort of Big Bang of Bolognese history, 2700 years in just 14 minutes. This visit will be led by a(More)
Interactive cinema will soon be a reality, following the current evolution of computer games. So far, however, interactivity is still limited, in particular because it is based on conscious operations of the viewer (e.g. through buttons, joystick, keyboards, voice, gestures). Instead, it would be desirable to adapt the movie plot to the viewers state of(More)
The communication of museums, with the aim to engage and attract a wider audience, is undergoing a radical change, seeking in ICT a help. The joint exhibition “The Etruscans and the Afterlife”, hosted by the National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia and the Museum of the History of Bologna - Genus Bononiae - presents a strong commitment towards(More)
The system of Bologna porticoes, included in 2006 in the Italian tentative list of World heritage sites of UNESCO, will undergo a definitive recognition of the nomination as part of the program of the current municipal council. The nomination is aimed at highlighting the portico, not only as a high-quality architectural work, which in the past centuries has(More)