Antonella Franchini

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Because of the proposed cardioprotective benefits of n-3 fatty acids and vitamin E, a trial was carried out to investigate the possibility of enriching eggs with n-3 fatty acid and vitamin E added to the hen's diet. One hundred ninety-two Hy-Line Brown hens, 39-wk-old, were divided into eight groups: four groups received the basal diet supplemented with 3%(More)
Various cellular and humoral activities of the wound repair process and the effects of PDGF-AB and TGF-beta1 on tissue repair mechanisms in the mollusc Limax maximus are studied by histological and immunocytochemical procedures. Histological examination at different times after the wound production demonstrates that tissue repair is the result of successive(More)
A study was conducted to determine the incidence of deep pectoral myopathy (DPM) in male roaster chickens reared under intensive conditions, processed at different ages (from 47 to 65 d of age), and belonging to 2 commercial genotypes (Ross 508 and Cobb 500). The study was carried out in a major Italian processing plant on a total of 120,700 male roaster(More)
In vertebrates, including man, the study of stress has contributed substantially to unravelling the complex relationship between immune-neuroendocrine interactions and the systems involved. On the basis of data on the presence and distribution of the main actors (POMC products, cytokines, biogenic amines, and steroid hormones) in different species and taxa(More)
In previous papers we reported that D(-)-ribose and 2-deoxy-D-ribose, which rank at the top among reducing sugars, kill a variety of human and animal cells and cell lines. Here we demonstrate that these two sugars induce apoptosis in human quiescent peripheral blood mononuclear cells which are relatively insensitive to apoptosis. Apoptosis was assessed by(More)
A profound interrelationship between cytokines and invertebrate (molluscs) immune responses has been reported. Different cytokines (IL-1 alpha, IL-2 and TNF-alpha) significantly stimulate molluscan hemocyte motility, increasing phagocytic activity and provoking the induction of nitric oxide synthase. As far as cell motility is concerned, the response to(More)
This research aimed at verifying whether vitamin E added to inactivated and emulsified vaccines enhances the immune response to viral antigens in chicken. Three hundred and twenty broilers (males and females) and 16 types of vaccines, varying in viral antigen [Newcastle disease virus, egg drop syndrome 1976 virus (EDS76V), and infectious bursal disease(More)
This study evaluated the effects of two dietary doses of vitamins E and C supplemented separately and together, on the content of vitamin E in the yolk, on the lipid stability of fresh and stored eggs, and on their sensory and functional properties. Hy-Line Brown hens (n = 216) received a basal diet for 8 wk supplemented with 100 or 200 mg(More)
We report the presence of interleukin (IL)-8-immunoreactive molecules in hemocytes from the mollusc Mytilus galloprovincialis. Functional studies demonstrate that recombinant human (rh)IL-8 provokes conformational changes, induces chemotaxis, and increases bacterial phagocytic activity in hemocytes. rhIL-8 induces cell shape changes via protein kinase A and(More)
Immunoreactive platelet-derived growth factor-AB and transforming growth factor-β1 were demonstrated in invertebrate and vertebrate immunocytes by an immunocytochemical procedure. These factors are only present in phagocytic cells among invertebrate immunocytes, whereas in vertebrate immunocytes they are found in monocytes, granulocytes, lymphocytes,(More)