Antonella Fioravanti

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OBJECTIVE The Western Ontario and McMaster Universities (WOMAC) Osteoarthritis (OA) Index is a tested questionnaire to assess symptoms and physical functional disability in patients with OA of the knee and the hip. We adapted the WOMAC for the Italian language and tested its metric properties in 304 patients with symptomatic OA of the knee. METHODS Three(More)
Several regulators are involved in the control of cell cycle progression in the bacterial model system Caulobacter crescentus, which divides asymmetrically into a vegetative G1-phase (swarmer) cell and a replicative S-phase (stalked) cell. Here we report a novel functional interaction between the enigmatic cell cycle regulator GcrA and the N6-adenosine(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the efficacy and tolerability of a 3-month duration, twice a-year, intermittent treatment with oral chondroitin sulfate (CS) in knee osteoarthritis (OA) patients. DESIGN A total of 120 patients with symptomatic knee OA were randomized into two groups receiving either 800mg CS or placebo (PBO) per day for two periods of 3 months(More)
Raynaud?s phenomenon (RP) and cutaneous fibrosis are the distinctive manifestations of scleroderma, in which Endothelin-1 plays a fundamental pathogenetic role. Bosentan, an Endothelin-1 receptor antagonist used for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension, retards the beginning of new sclerodermic digital ulcers (DU). This open-label,(More)
Spa therapy represents a popular treatment for many rheumatic diseases. The mechanisms by which immersion in mineral or thermal water or the application of mud alleviates suffering in rheumatic diseases are not fully understood. The net benefit is probably the result of a combination of factors, with mechanical, thermal and chemical effects among the most(More)
OBJECTIVE This study investigated the effect of hydrostatic cyclical pressure on the cell ultrastructure and cytoskeleton of normal and osteoarthritis (OA) human cultivated chondrocytes in vitro. METHODS The different effects of pressurization with sinusoidal waves at a minimum pressure of 1 MPa, a maximum pressure of 5 MPa and a frequency of 0.25 Hz for(More)
Spa therapy and short wave therapy are two of the most commonly used non-pharmacological approaches for osteoarthritis. The aim of this study was to assess their efficacy in comparison to conventional therapy in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee in a single blind, randomized, controlled trial. Seventy-four outpatients were enrolled; 30 patients were(More)
Sinorhizobium meliloti is a model system for the studies of symbiotic nitrogen fixation. An extensive polymorphism at the genetic and phenotypic level is present in natural populations of this species, especially in relation with symbiotic promotion of plant growth. AK83 and BL225C are two nodule-isolated strains with diverse symbiotic phenotypes; BL225C is(More)
The efficacy of balneotherapy in fibromyalgia syndrome (FS) has been well demonstrated, while controlled studies using mud packs are lacking. We performed a randomized clinical trial to evaluate the effects and the tolerability of mud-bath treatment in FS patients, who are poor responders to pharmacological therapy. Eighty patients with primary FS,(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish by ultrasonography (US) the frequency of calcaneal entheses involvement in erosive osteoarthritis (EOA), nodal osteoarthritis (NOA), RA and PsA, and to compare these results in order to aid clinicians in the differential diagnosis among these diseases. A comparison between US results and radiography was also made. METHODS The heels(More)