Antonella Esposito

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Fungal infections and diseases predominantly affect patients with deregulated immunity. Compelling experimental and clinical evidence indicate that severe fungal diseases belong to the spectrum of fungus-related inflammatory diseases. Some degree of inflammation is required for protection during the transitional response occurring temporally between the(More)
BACKGROUND The optimal therapeutic strategies for patients presenting with advanced disease at HIV-1 diagnosis are as yet incompletely defined. METHODS All patients presenting at two outpatient clinics in 2000-2009 with an AIDS-defining clinical condition or a CD4+ T cell count < 200/μL at HIV-1 diagnosis were analyzed for the presence of combined(More)
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BACKGROUND Calcium (Ca(2+)) and vitamin D (VitD) play an important role in child health. We evaluated the daily intake of Ca(2+) and VitD in healthy children. Moreover, we demonstrate the efficacy of Ca(2+) and VitD supplementation. METHODS Daily Ca(2+) and VitD intake was evaluated in consecutive healthy children through a validated questionnaire.(More)
This paper is aimed at presenting SSRI online: an e-learning initiative started at the University of Milan (Italy) for the academic year 2004/05. The initiative consisted in offering an already existing three-years academic degree course (" laurea in Sicurezza dei Sistemi e delle Reti Informatiche-SSRI " : a post-bachelor course on security of computer(More)
This chapter discusses the manifold ways in which the notion of 'ecology' and 'learning ecology' are adopted to interpret digitally-mediated educational contexts, to account for e-learning in higher education and to refer to emergent forms of networked environments and related learning practices. Moreover, the chapter provides a brief discussion on a(More)
In HIV-1 infected patients, increase of liver enzymes may be mainly due to viral coinfections, alcohol intake, hepatotoxic drugs or autoimmune diseases. Three cases of aminotransferase elevation occurred during a phase of uncontrolled viral replication combined with a severe immunodeficiency and resolved by an effective HAART are described, focusing on the(More)
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