Antonella Ermoli

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Cdc7 kinase has recently emerged as an attractive target for cancer therapy and low-molecular-weight inhibitors of Cdc7 kinase have been found to be effective in the inhibition of tumor growth in animal models. In this paper, we describe synthesis and structure-activity relationships of new 1H-pyrrolo[2,3-b]pyridine derivatives identified as inhibitors of(More)
Novel small molecule inhibitors of heat shock protein 90 (Hsp90) were discovered with the help of a fragment based drug discovery approach (FBDD) and subsequent optimization with a combination of structure guided design, parallel synthesis and application of medicinal chemistry principles. These efforts led to the identification of compound 18 (NMS-E973),(More)
Cdc7 serine/threonine kinase is a key regulator of DNA synthesis in eukaryotic organisms. Cdc7 inhibition through siRNA or prototype small molecules causes p53 independent apoptosis in tumor cells while reversibly arresting cell cycle progression in primary fibroblasts. This implies that Cdc7 kinase could be considered a potential target for anticancer(More)
The synthesis and the preliminary expansion of this new class of CDK2 inhibitors are presented. The synthesis was accomplished using a solution-phase protocol amenable to rapid parallel expansion and suitable to be scaled-up in view of possible lead development. Following a medicinal chemistry program aimed at improving cell permeability and selectivity, a(More)
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