Antonella Di Costanzo

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A quasi-experiment was conducted to determine if the effectiveness of the R.C.S. Home Energy Audit Program could be improved by training auditors to use sodal-psychological principles during the audit procedure. Nine experienced home energy auditors attended two 1-day workshops in which they were trained to: (a) communicate vividly; (b) personalize their(More)
Alteration of the chromatin orchestra seems to play a critical role in cancer. In recent years, in-depth studies of epigenetic machinery and its deregulation have led to the development and use of a wide range of modulatory molecules directed not only at chromatin enzymes (histone acetyltransferases, histone deacetylases, histone methyltransferases, histone(More)
Background Learning outcomes are considered positive indicators towards future economic social and cultural opportunities of a number of countries (Woessmann 2004). Therefore, over the last decades, studies facing inequality issues in educational outcomes using cognitive achievement tests and variables from large-scale assessment data have increased. From a(More)
Patient-centered health care implies that medical decisions are made jointly by physician and patient, based on patient needs. Aims were to (a) identify treatment goals for a new questionnaire on patient needs and benefits in nail psoriasis treatment; (b) analyze the importance of treatment goals in patients with nail psoriasis in general and in defined(More)
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