Antonella Cresti

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We consider secret sharing schemes in which the dealer is able (after a preprocessing stage) to activate a particular access structure out of a given set and/or to allow the participants to reconstruct diierent secrets (in diierent time instants) by sending them the same broadcast message. In this paper we establish a formal setting to study secret sharing(More)
A secret sharing scheme permits a secret to be shared among participants in such a way that only qualiied subsets of participants can recover the secret. If any non qualiied subset has absolutely no information about the secret, then the scheme is called perfect. Unfortunately, in this case the size of the shares cannot be less than the size of the secret.(More)
We propose a graphene-based model nanoswitch for the control of current flow. The device is made up of a graphene nanoribbon with a longitudinal semi-infinite septum on its left side. The septum defines two terminals, where the current can be selectively directed by means of a high magnetic field and an adjustable potential step induced by a top gate. The(More)
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