Antonella Carollo

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Environmental stressors can substantially affect the adaptive response of rats to novelty in a sexually dimorphic manner. Gender-related differences are also observed in neurochemical and behavioural patterns of adult rats following prenatal exposure to diazepam (DZ). In the present study the behavioural reactivity to novelty is investigated in open field(More)
The 20% of male 5-6 month-old Wistar rats SM prove to be natural killers. A four-month long insulation of "surely non-killer" rats has not allowed to notice a mouse-killing behaviour in any animal. The total bilateral removal of olfactory bulbs in "non-killer rats" causes a "mouse-killing behaviour" in all the animal 24 hours after the operation, but with a(More)
An investigation was made of the effect of thermic stress on the somatic rage reaction and on rapid circling turns in cats awake and free to move in a behavioural cage. An increase in room temperature had a two-phase effect on the excitability of the nervous structures stimulated that is able to evoke the somatic rage reaction and rapid circling turns. The(More)
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