Antonella Buffoni

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OBJECTIVE To determine whether an early physical rehabilitative program could improve and/or accelerate recovery from a postoperative deficit of facial nerve (FN) function. MATERIAL AND METHODS A retrospective study of the charts of patients who presented a postoperative FN deficit after surgery for acoustic neuroma (AN) was carried out. Twenty-nine(More)
The incidence of Bell's palsy has been estimated in a health district of a major Italian city, taking also into consideration the potential risk factors that might influence the occurrence of Bell's palsy. A matched case-control was therefore designed, by collecting data from the Emergency Departments of four Hospitals belonging to the same Health District(More)
A survey of heavy metal deposition in the mountainous territories of Northern Italy was carried out in 1995-96. Moss samples (mainly Hylocomium splendens) were collected in a dense network of sites (about 3.2 sites/1000 km(2)) and the data of metal concentrations in moss tissues were statistically correlated with environmental and climatic factors, as well(More)
Ozone (O3) exposure at Italian background sites exceeds UN/ECE concentration-based critical levels (CLe(c)), if expressed in terms of AOT40. Yet the occurrence of adverse effects of O3 on forests and crops is controversial. Possible reasons include (i) ability of response indicators to provide an unbiased estimate of O3 effects, (ii) setting of current(More)
CONCLUSION Rehabilitation was significantly efficient in both groups of patients with synkinesis, especially in those in whom treatment with botulinum toxin type A (BTX-A) preceded physical rehabilitation. OBJECTIVE To determine the influence of preventive treatment with BTX-A on synkinesis when physical rehabilitation is planned. METHODS Twenty(More)
From January 1987 to December 1989 precipitation was collected in an open field in a forested area of the Western Prealps. The site faces the intensely industrialized area of the Po Valley. In a Norway spruce plantation, next to the open field sampler, throughfall was collected from January 1987 to August 1989 for a period of 32 months. In the common(More)
CONCLUSIONS This study has confirmed the importance of combining the physical rehabilitation to the steroid treatment for a better outcome from BP in all age groups, especially in the old HB grade V. OBJECTIVES To investigate the role played by aging in the recovery rate from peripheral facial nerve palsy. METHOD In the present study, subjects affected(More)
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