Antonella Bufacchi

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PURPOSE Retrospective analysis of 3D clinical treatment plans to investigate qualitative, possible, clinical consequences of the use of PBC versus AAA. METHODS The 3D dose distributions of 80 treatment plans at four different tumour sites, produced using PBC algorithm, were recalculated using AAA and the same number of monitor units provided by PBC and(More)
A conformal dynamic arc (CD-arc) technique has been implemented at the S. Giovanni Calibita-Fatebenefratelli Hospital Radiotherapy Center. This technique is performed by rotational beams and a dynamic multileaf collimator (DMLC): during the treatment delivery the gantry rotates and the field shape, formed by the DMLC changes continuously. The aim of this(More)
EBT radiochromic films were used to determine skin-dose maps for patients undergone Total Skin Electron Therapy (TSET). Gafchromic EBT radiochromic film is one of the newest radiation-induced auto-developing photon and electron-beam analysis films available for therapeutic radiation dosimetry in radiotherapy applications. EBT films can be particularly(More)
PURPOSE Retrospective study of 3D clinical treatment plans based on radiobiological considerations in the choice of the reference dose level from tumor dose-volume histograms. METHODS AND MATERIALS When a radiation oncologist evaluates the 3D dose distribution calculated by a treatment planning system, a decision must be made on the percentage dose level(More)
The Gafchromic XR type R film is a suitable dosimeter to determine the map of the skin dose in patients undergone complex interventional radiological procedures, such as cardiology ones. The need of preventing or locating possible skin injuries due to high doses administered to patients-as recommended by international organizations-wants the introduction in(More)
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