Antonella Branca

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In this paper we present a technique for detecting goals during a football match by using images acquired by a single camera placed externally to the eld. The method does not require the modi cation neither of the ball nor of the goalmouth. Due to the attitude of the camera with respect to football ground, the system can be thought of as an electronic(More)
The goal of this work is to propose a method to solve the problem of passive navigation with visual means. Passive navigation is the ability of an autonomous agent to determine its motion with respect to the environment. The two main egomotion parameters allowing performing passive navigation are the heading direction and the time to collision with the(More)
I n this paper we propose a specialized hardware architecture for the real time visual navigation of a mobile robot. The adopted navigation method is based on a two-steps approach. Features are extracted and matched over an image sequence which is captured by a videocamera (mounted on a mobile robot) during its motion. As a result, a 2D motion field is(More)
In this paper, we focus on the problem of foreground segmentation in outdoor environment with a static TV camera. Our application context is the visual surveillance of archeological sites. In this context the main aim is to detect the presence of people and to recognize their gestures in order to individuate the illegal actions. In this paper we concentrate(More)