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This article presents the architecture of Junior, a robotic vehicle capable of navigating urban environments autonomously. In doing so, the vehicle is able to select its own routes, perceive and interact with other traffic, and execute various urban driving skills including lane changes, U-turns, parking, and merging into moving traffic. The vehicle(More)
The molecular changes responsible for inducing neuronal apoptosis are unknown. Rat cortical neurons were treated with x-irradiation 7 d after isolation to test for the role of DNA damage in neuronal death. The response of neurons to x-irradiation was compared with that of astrocytes that had been isolated 3 weeks earlier from newborn rats. At the time of(More)
Is symmetry informative? The answer is both yes and no. We examine what information and symmetry are and how they are related. Our approach is primarily mathematical, not because mathematics provides the final word, but because it provides an insightful and relatively precise starting point. Information theory treats transformations that messages undergo(More)
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