Anton Zettl

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SLEIGN is a software package for the computation of eigenvalues and eigenfunction:s of regular and singular Sturm-Liouville boundary value problems, The package is a modification and extension of a code with the same name developed by Bailey, Gordon, and Shampinej which is described in ACM Z'OMS 4 (1978), 193-208. The modifications and extensions include(More)
The SLEIGN2 code is based on the ideas and methods of the original SLEIGN code of 1979. The main purpose of the SLEIGN2 code is to compute eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of regular and singular self-adjoint Sturm-Liouville problems, with both separated and coupled boundary conditions, and to approximate the continuous spectrum in the singular case. The code(More)
multiband modeling of quantum electron transport through layered semiconductor devices, catalyst activity of water-assisted growth of single walled carbon nanotube forest characterization by a statistical and macroscopic approach, ABSTRACT: A high-performance millimeter-wave feed, designed for a broad-band radiometry application is presented. The feed(More)
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