Anton V. Iershov

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An important task in understanding oncogenesis is the identification of those genes whose copy number and expression increase during tumorigenesis. Previously, in an effort to identify genes which could be used as molecular markers for glial tumors, we compared gene expression in glioblastoma to the normal brain cells. Among the genes with the most(More)
Expression of CHI3L1 (YKL-40) has been correlated with prognosis of glioblastoma. The variant allele (−131C→G) of CHI3L1 promoter results in a lower transcription of CHI3L1. Therefore, we tested the hypothesis that the G variant could protect against the risk of gliomas or have a favorable prognostic impact. DNA from 296 glioblastoma patients and 190(More)
Nearly thirty years ago, it was first shown that malignant transformation with single oncogene necessarily requires the immortal state of the cell. From that time this thesis for the cells of human origin was not disproved. The basic point which we want to focus on by this short communication is the correct interpretation of the results obtained on the(More)
The human genome encodes six proteins of family 18 glycosyl hydrolases, two active chitinases and four chitinase-like lectins (chi-lectins) lacking catalytic activity. The present article is dedicated to homology modeling of 3D structure of human chitinase 3-like 2 protein (CHI3L2), which is overexpressed in glial brain tumors, and its structural comparison(More)
Endocytic pathways constitute an evolutionarily ancient system that significantly contributed to the eukaryotic cell architecture and to the diversity of cell type-specific functions and signaling cascades, in particular of metazoans. Here we used comparative proteomic studies to analyze the universal internalization route in eukaryotes, clathrin-mediated(More)
Two glioblastoma groups, which are distinguished from each other by expression level of 416 genes (p ≤ 0.05), were determined using a mathematical model of linear Boolean programming on the basis of gene expression data, obtained by microarray analysis of the glioblastomas and available in Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) data base. The expression level of 15(More)
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